Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gold Summary

I have started to become known in my guild as "money bags" because of the amount of gold I have and my ability to make gold.

I thought it best that I let people know how much gold I currently have and what I have eared in the last 7 - 30 days.

I am currently sitting on 326,084g 77s 66c 

My weekly sales

Last 7 days: 18,151g 26s 84c
Last 30 days: 190,587g 30s 80c

Now this is just sales, lets look at my purchases:

Last 7 days: 11,136g 2s 58c
Last 30 days: 115,157g 99s 88c

Profit 7 days: 7015g 24s 26c
Profit 30 days: 75,429g 30s 92c

Now as you can see i am not heavily making gold but I am making a steady stream of gold. 

I am currently working on a series of posts entitled "Auction House Arsenal" and I hope to cover a wide range of topics that will give you the foundations to start making gold.

More to come soon....